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Herbal Remedies


The origins of the ACMOS method goes back over 25 years. After years of research and development, Dr. Rene Naccachian successfully realized this unique and sophisticated modality now practiced worldwide with excellent clinical results.

The ACMOS method is able to precisely register disturbances of the body on an energetic level. In the case of an anomaly or facing a tension or aggression, the body searches to reestablish its global balance by managing the circulation of energy in its circuits. It does this by controlling the energy flow, by blocking it, by switching it off, or by slowing it down, or by accelerating the energetic currents blockage.

These actions of defense by the body work at the level of the acupuncture points, where the comparison can be made to the way an electric circuit is able to fuse itself or operate an electrical cut out when it becomes over stressed, or has a fault develop. Thus when there is an aggression in a zone of resistance in the body, the acupuncture points respond with these points acting as veritable fuses in an electrical circuit. At each level (function, organ or region) the body alerts itself through its energetic circuitry. These alerts, if not promptly responded to and treated, cause pathological disturbances and eventually lesional dysfunctions.

ACMOS energy balancing therapy aims to re-establish proper signaling of instructional information around the body. 

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