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Sound Healing, Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is a dynamic hands-on healing system that works with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. During a BHS session, blocked energy is released, allowing you to feel more emotions and sensations in the body.  You may experience new internal realizations that result in positive change and growth. 
After a session, some have a deeper sense of self or a more comprehensive sense of wholeness. Others become aware of previously hidden beliefs and attitudes which, once addressed, result in an improved relationship to the self and others. The BHS Practitioner works with you to facilitate healing in whatever form it takes.  During the healing, an interconnection between mind, body, and soul is awakened.

  • Burnt out from busy life and tasks

  • Feeling emotionally unstable

  • Stress Management

  • Beginning of a new phase of your life 

  • Divorce or Seperation

  • Grief 

  • Confused about your next step in life

  • Want to connect to inner wisdom & nature

  • Want to learn more about your self and create the life you long for

  • Pain Management

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Terminal Illness

  • Infertility

  • Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Back Problems

  • Having lack of energy

  • Anxiety/ Depression

  • Relationship Issues

  • Grief

  • Goal Achievement

  • Surgery

What to Achieve?

How can Brennan Healings help you?

 ​The Brennan Healing Science is an enlightening system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of your life. Based on the living dynamics of our Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to the greater world of which we all are intimately a part, Brennan Healing Science can transform your life into the balanced, enlightened experience of mystery that you have always wanted it to be.

Through Brennan Healing Science, you will:
•  Learn your unique life purpose

•  Develop hara, the intention and ability to accomplish life goals
•  Establish deep connection with inner spiritual guidance and fulfill your heart's true longings
•  Promote physical healing of many disease conditions
•  Restore a sense of well-being and emotional stability
•  Clear and strengthen mental capabilities
•  Learn the creative process from your Divine Core through the Hara and Aura into the physical world

The physical body arises out of the energy field, thus an imbalance or distortion in this field will eventually cause a disease in the physical body that it governs. Therefore, healing distortions in the field will bring about healing in the physical body.

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