Transformational Journey

Our program is designed to generate deep transformation and change so that you can move from a place of power, vitality and fulfilment. If you are in a time of your life where you want to present your authentic mask-free self, and to reach  your own power and claim your freedom to express your values and beliefs this program is for you.


In terms of the format  we propose a 3 months program where we will be meeting via zoom every 2 weeks, and in between session you will receive learning material in the form of videos and papers.

Module 1: Awareness: Learn how to live in more consistent and deliberate state of awareness. Begin to track energy.

Module 2: Alignment: Learn what you stand for and how to align your actions to your values and vision.

Module 3: Expansion: Learn how to generate your future through a powerful declaration and take action to fullfill it. 

Module 4: Opening: Recognise what might be holding you back, what you need to let go of and what to invite.

Module 5: Clear communication: Learn how to increase connection, trust, authenticity and use conflict as a generative force.

Module 6: Integration: Continue Integrating all you have learned, implementing new skills and keep practicing.

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