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What is Your True Calling?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

It is important in life to realize what is your purpose of life, how you want your life to look like. What I realized in my studies that the first step is to find your purpose, commitment and vision. If you know it ,that is great ,and if you are not sure keep reading..

First step is to start thinking, imagining without any limit , what is your calling. How would you want your life to look like? Take all the "realities" which causes the impossibility away for a moment (money, family, circumstances)

Take a time for your self, maybe put music that you like or meditate, go out in nature where it can help you connect with earth.

Ask Your self those questions and journal

  • What is it that I love most?

  • What I always wanted to do as a child?

  • Where would I want to be after 5-10 years time?

  • What brings out most of me?

  • Can you stay with that thought?

and do not forget to breathe...

Our true calling is a "need" for our soul, our life purpose. When you get in touch with that calling you might feel lightness, heartbeat, fear or happiness.

If fear comes just take a moment and look what makes you feel the fear? Is it your judgements about your self, fear of "I can not do that", judgements from others? Staying in the unknown or fear of new beginning?

If we can listen our heart body and soul we can align with our calling. What we are passionate about. And that is the alignment.

I can hear you saying , it is impossible to do what I want because I need to work, I need to take care of my child etc. You might be right in this moment , in this realm. But you are your limitations. By seeding the inner truth in your heart, you can slowly start to create your life that you desire for.

Your true calling might be getting married create a family , heal your body, helping others, being a dancer, being an artist, feeling freedom and so much more. I believe that this universe is creation of ours... What will be your next step to create your own universe??

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