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Experience healing and receive support from certified Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner 

Our program is designed to generate deep transformation and change so that you can move from a place of power, vitality and fulfilment. If you are in a time of your life where you want to present your authentic mask-free self, and to reach  your own power and claim your freedom to express your values and beliefs this program is for you.

Hi I'm Ceren, I'm a body-mind therapist and work with individuals who have a clear calling for their true- authentic selves by developing clear communications with nature, their own-self, and the universe to attract their desiring life. I believe that we all face this existential question sooner or later and that finding the answer helps us align with nature and mobilize the universe to attract the life we desire.

I have always been curious to understand what may get in the way of our highest self. I have dedicated my research and practice to understand our defense mechanisms, our habitual patterns, and I have noticed that it is often the fear of the unknown that stops us from reaching our desired life. When we remember our true nature, we move our attention away from the unknown, back to what is deeply familiar. As we reconnect with our unique core essence, we also reconnect with the most joyous and natural expression of who we are. 

gestalt therapy

My work, in essence, is a remembering process, a collaborative process that aims to cultivate our ability to fully manifest. Our bodies have the wisdom to inform us what is going in our lives and what we are creating, attracting in and around us. By reconnecting with nature's truth, our wisdom, we have the power to create the desired life we are long for. 

I am here to walk with you, beside you on your path by allowing the healing power of the human body to come forth and create lasting change, touching every aspect of the human experience – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical and using energy as a generative source for wellbeing, health and a way to pursue life longings and purpose. 

What is an energy block?

An energy block is a non-flowing energy and one's constant feelings. Energy blocks are held frozen in the body. In the long term, this creates stagnated pools of energy in the field; which can be a habitual defense system , this can lead to physical disease- Barbara Brennan

Dojo Bianco Healing Hotel - Tuscany

When I was first asked if there were any issues in my life I wanted to talk about, my first reaction was: "Not really! I think I have it all pretty much under control". Well, I was wrong!

What I learned through the healing sessions with Ceren was that I was "stuck in mid air". I was going through life holding my breath and turning my back to my hidden nightmares.
Ceren pulled me gently but firmly down and made me feel grounded. Wow! What a great discovery that was! It made me see the world with a different perspective.

She guided me through difficult paths teaching me how to keep an open mind and heart to gain stronger awareness.

"Life isn't what it seems" she says, "It's what we make of it".

Meeting her has been a precious gift, and definitely no coincidence as I strongly believe we let people come into our lives depending on the strength of energy they send out. If energy ever had a color Ceren's would be light blue like the clearest of all skies.

Thank you Ceren for making a difference.



Transformational Journey Program

Online Self Transformation

This program specially designed for anyone who is committed to change their lives and has longing to reach their life-long desired self. Overcoming emotional overwhelm, finding your joy and life force. This personalized training takes place via online calls. Enroll for your meeting call now. 

Ceren Brunini Healer

Long Distance Healing

During a Brennan Healing Science session, blocked energy is released, allowing you to feel more emotions and sensations in the body.  You may experience new internal realizations that result in positive change and growth.  

Dojo Bianco

DBI Immersion 

Tuscany Self  Journey

Dojo Bianco Immersion program is a transformational journey that will allow you to build self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment. The immersive nature of the program accelerates the process of awakening and transformation. DBI is ideal for those who need to take important life decisions, kick start a new phase of their life, and feel confused or somewhat stuck.

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